Right from the start | Home Installation

Technology is much like a house. When installed wrong, you run into problems all the time. But when installed properly from day one, it can go for years without failing you. With tech being more complex than ever, you need to know not just how to choose right from a growing list of devices, but also to install them in a way that they will keep working effortlessly at all times. Why do it yourself if we can do it for you?

Full service, full stop

Just call us for a chat about how we can set up your home today with the technology of the future. We’ll take your current setup into account and propose how we can change it to meet your wishes. If you accept our quote, then we’ll come to your house the next working day to install and configure all the necessary equipment. Of course, our hotline gives you unlimited tech support on all the newly installed and your pre-installed devices.

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Services Include

  • Unlimited tech support over the phone
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Fast and reliable step-by-step solutions
  • Friendly and patient experts
  • Smart Device Assistance

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Hardware Services

  • TV mounting
  • Smart Home installs
  • WiFi networks and mesh extensions
  • Audio and sound installs
  • Lightning and security instals