WiFi Problems – We Fix It For You

image of WiFi routerWiFi problems are a common issue. The internet is at the centre of home entertainment. When it breaks it can leave you in the dark. Services like Netflix need a good internet connection to work. Smart Speakers, such as Alexa, won’t operate without one. Due to that it needs to be up and running all the time.

We provide, over the phone, tech support to fix WiFi Problems. Next time the internet breaks, don’t guess, call us. Our Techs will talk you through the solution, one to one. Members can call us as many times as they want. No matter how small the problem. Further more we provide advice on stopping future WiFi problems.

If we can’t fix it over the phone then we can come to you. We offer next working day visits to all Hometech members.

Having WiFi Problems? Try Us Out

Give one of our UK based technicians a call now for a free diagnosis!
Our number is 0800 304 7525.
Open Mon – Fri: 10am – 6pm

We Do More Than Just WiFi! For a full list of services included with your membership click here.